Lil' Twist on Adele, his name, and his mentor Lil Wayne

Minneapolis has a tendency to become so preoccupied with the local backpack rap mainstays that commercial hip-hop oftentimes gets lost in the periphery. Chalk it up to Rhymesayers loyalty or the fact that a majority of big-ticket rap promoters have settled on dismissing Minneapolis as a flyover city.

But this Sunday, the Twin Cities will get a taste of hip-hop royalty -- better known as Lil Wayne's monstrously lucrative rap empire Young Money Entertainment - with a show featuring Cash Money neophytes Tyga, YG and the 19-year old Lil' Wayne protégé Lil' Twist.

With his forthcoming album, Don't Get it Twisted, due later this year, Gimme Noise caught up with Weezy's laconic disciple to talk about his name, acting and being mentored by Lil Wayne.

Where'd you get the name Lil' Twist?

I got it from my cousins trying to make a joke out of. . . my momma always tried to give me braids. But I never grew braids, I always got these little twist things in my head and they thought they was making a joke out of it. And we were also trying to be rappers at the time so I just went with the name

Do you think you'll drop the "Lil" when you get older?

I mean, the 'lil' is dropped when people want to drop it. I go by Twist and Lil' Twist, so I answer to whatever.

You're one of the youngest rappers in the game right now, was any of this intimidating for you when you started?

It wasn't intimidating because my brother is Lil Wayne and he's always been in my corner and telling me how to go about things and how to prepare myself to get ready for this crazy game. And now we ready man, we out here on this road and ready for this album.

Would you consider him a mentor?

Yeah, man. One of the mentors. He's my brother. At the end of the day, point-blank, period, I don't see how we're not blood brothers. We really close and he teaches me everything, man... just how to go about life. Whenever I come into a building there's a little presence of Lil' Wayne also.

What are some of the things he's taught you about rapping?

Any record that you've heard from Lil' Twist, any of the four singles I've put out, he's definitely had something to do with. Either talking to me before I record these records or just letting me know how to go about things. He been taught me how to go about a record when I was 13 before anyone really knew who I was. Just everything, bro. Really.

Is acting something you want to pursue?

Definitely. I actually have a script that I'm going over right now. I can't talk about it too much but it's actually in the works and its planned to be a pretty big thing.

If you could collaborate with one person, who would it be?

My favorite artist is Andre 3000. He's bananas. I haven't even got the chance to meet him yet but once I do I'm going to beg him for a record. So I would love to get on a record with Andre 3000 and Adele. Adele is dope.

Tyga. With Lil' Twist, YG. 6 p.m. Sunday, March 11 at EPIC. 612.332.3742. Click here.

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