Lifter Puller announce reissues


Anyone who has combed the used CD bins at a local record shop can tell you that the Lifter Puller catalog, which spans the band's career from 1994-2000, has long been out of print and considered somewhat of a buried treasure amongst audiophiles. Luckily, the band has just announced that their complete catalog will be reissued digitally next month, giving those of us who weren't around during Lifter Puller's heyday a chance to hear all of their old studio material. Lifter Puller was fronted by the Hold Steady's Craig Finn, with guitar work by his Hold Steady bandmate Tad Kubler, making these reissues a great opportunity for fans of Finn and Kubler's current work to discover their roots as an influential Twin Cities rock band.

Digital distributor the Orchard will reissue all three full-length studio albums and one EP (Lifter Puller, Half Dead and Dynamite, The Entertainment and Arts EP and Fiestas and Fiascos), along with a new album of rarities and live cuts called Slips Backwards.

Here's the tracklisting for Slips Backwards:

  1. Secret Santa Cruz

  2. Back In Blackbeard

  3. Math Is Money

  4. 4 Dix

  5. La Quereria

  6. 11th Ave Freezout

  7. The Langelos

  8. Mick's Tape

  9. The Pirate And The Penpal

  10. The Mezzanine Gyp

  11. Star Wars Hips

  12. Slips Backwards

  13. Nassau Coliseum

  14. Prescription Sunglasses

  15. Emperor

  16. Secret Santa Cruz (Live From The Black Cat 2000)

  17. Math Is Money (Live From The Black Cat 2000)

An oral history of the band, co-written by Finn and Girls Guide to Rocking author Jessica Hopper, will also be released around the same time. Lifter Puller Vs. the End Of will include photos, lyrics, and stories from Lifter Puller's glory days.

We're keeping our fingers crossed for another reunion show at the Triple Rock.