Let's watch Freddy Krueger dance to 'Work From Home' at the Minnesota State Fair [VIDEO]

Freddy Krueger dancing to pop songs at the Minnesota State Fair? Why the hell not?

Freddy Krueger dancing to pop songs at the Minnesota State Fair? Why the hell not?

 Ah, the Minnesota State Fair. 

There's the animal barn! And there's some big vegetable someone grew for a contest! Oh, look, it's Sweet Martha's Cookies! 

And over there, there's the guy dressed as Freddy Krueger dancing to the Fifth Harmony song "Work From Home"!

Wait. Go back to that last one. What's happening now?

Yes, it's true. It seems that at the State Fair's "haunted mansion" exhibit, one guy gets the gig of standing outside in full costume and dancing. On Thursday night, Minneapolis resident (and occasional City Pages contributor) Jason Zabel was so taken by this man's moves he needed to commit them to film. 

There's a bit of a formula to this guy's routine, with its step-rock-STEP, step-rock-STEP ("remember to do the monster hands!") rhythm. The bogeyman from Nightmare on Elm Street does this while the sugary pop quintet Fifth Harmony sings a song about why you should skip work and have sex with the members of Fifth Harmony. 

It's surreal. Hypnotic. 

We should point out that at the precise moment Zabel captured this, Ty Dolla Dolla $ign is rapping, "Can you make it clap, no hands for me? Take it to the ground, pick it up for me." Not sure what you should do with this information, but it does add something to this clip.



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After watching for a bit, Zabel determined that this fellow seemed "incredibly unhappy with his life choices." The same cannot be said for those of us who got to see this video.