Let’s watch an 8-bit version of Soccer Mommy rock a virtual Minneapolis skyway

Which skyway do you think this is?

Which skyway do you think this is? YouTube

Do you miss live music? Do you love the downtown Minneapolis skyways? Do you wish humans were more pixelated?

If you answered “yes” to one of those questions, you’re not the only one. (If you answered “yes” to the others… well, you just might be.)

Anyway, I assume the headline gave you a little hint where I’m going with this roundabout introduction. Soccer Mommy, the alter ego of indie singer-songwriter Sophie Allison, was supposed to play the First Avenue Mainroom on April 19 as part of a national tour that’s been postponed for obvious reasons. So Allison enlisted digital artist Bella Clark to place digitized renderings of the band in distinctive locales for some cities she was set to visit: Chicago, Toronto, Austin, and, yes, Minneapolis.

In the Minneapolis-situated video, an 8-bit version of the band performs “Crawling in My Skin” and Allison sings a certainly-not-at-all-relatable-at-this-moment lyric about being trapped at home with your thoughts as shadowy pedestrians drift past at a much faster pace than any Minnesotan has ever walked. It's very cool and it looks like this:

Do you remember when City Pages reviewed Soccer Mommy's latest album, Color Theory? Seems like a thousand years ago but it was just March 1. "She’s on to something: how memory works, a disruptor in good and bad times," critic Alfred Soto said at the time.


Can you imagine standing on Nicollet Mall and looking up at a band performing in a skyway, maybe? I can imagine that! 

Let's just wrap things up here by thanking Soccer Mommy for the music.