Let's all be more like this small-town Minnesotan gettin' down to 'Because I Got High' [VIDEO]

When's the last time you even heard "Because I Got High"?

When's the last time you even heard "Because I Got High"?

Big Lake (population 10,000) is not known for its hip-hop dancing scene. 

Not in Minnesota. Not even in central Minnesota. 

Not yet.

Let's change all that by watching this small-town Minnesota man get down -- all the way down -- to the sweet, preposterous sounds of Afroman's"'Because I Got High" some recent night. 

We know little about this video, save the following: 

  • It was recently recorded in a Big Lake watering hole; 
  • It was uploaded to Youtube over the weekend;
  • The videographer describes the dancer as a "53 year old," and, in a separate message to City Pages, says the man is his father; 
  • The absence of other bodies on the dancefloor only leaves one with more available space within which to get funky; 
  • Again, our cameraman: "He loves to dance"; 

And why shouldn't he. Lots of delightful moves to save in this video, including one we'd like to call the Central Minnesota Crip Walk (patent pending), another that should be called The Falling Gooseneck (you can have that one), two consecutive Modified Worms, and the classic One-Last-Sip-of-Grain-Belt-Before-The-Modified-Worm.

Watch and learn, you sad, sad people. And try to follow this man's lead.

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