Let's all be more like this Minneapolis man rave dancing at a freezing bus stop [VIDEO]

Jordan Hedlund's moment dancing at a Minneapolis bus stop has gone viral, and you can see why.

Jordan Hedlund's moment dancing at a Minneapolis bus stop has gone viral, and you can see why.

In genuinely frightening times, we can't all be making the worst out of everything.

A few of us must take the lemons we are given and make lemonade... then spike it, pour it plentifully, and throw a party.

This appears to be the attitude of one Jordan Hedlund, a Minneapolis man who this past weekend found himself in a situation that some would've allowed to annoy them, if not remind them of their worst fears.

The Twin Cities had been blanketed with 4-6 inches of snow. ("Oh, brother. I'll have to shovel tomorrow morning.")

Temperatures were plunging toward subzero lows over the weekend. ("Roads will be icy. Frostbite will set in within minutes.")

The flourescent light at a bus stop in south Minneapolis was malfunctioning, flickering on and off rapidly.("The government can no longer be counted on to provide even the most basic services. This could give someone a seizure!")

Faced with this scenario, Hedlund, -- a full-time musician, composer, and sound engineer -- did what very few of us would do. He became a one-man dance party. 

Right there on Lyndale Avenue in south Minneapolis, his feet obscured by a snow bank, Hedlund got the hell down for eight glorious seconds. Then he set it to Skrillex's "Kill Everybody" (happy holidays!) and posted it online. People, temporarily reminded that life occasionally throws up random moments of pure joy, are loving this short clip. And why not?

Don't dance like no one's watching. Dance like everyone is watching -- the drunks buying smokes in Loon Grocery; the passing cabbies on Lyndale; the 22,000-plus people who've watched this on Youtube -- and they all desperately need your moves to force the very breath of life back into their weary lungs.

More of this, please.