Les Deux Magots and St Pauli GRLA tonight in the Clown Lounge


St. Pauli GRLA bewilders the crowd.

While our crack linguistics team struggles to produce a translation of Les Deux Magots (so far, they've cracked the first two words), we'll pass on this juicy bit of info for you: You know the Clown Lounge? That hidey hole in the Turf Club cellar, as snug as a bomb shelter with softer lighting and a little more leg room?

Well, tonight sees the debut of what might turn into a regular event in that coziest of cozies, as Les Deux Magots, Blue Magic, and the St. Pauli GRLA host an all Saint Paul, all two-piece show for the kick-off performance of what the Turf Club is dubbing "Two Piece Tuesdays."

It's likely that anyone who has spent even a moment in the Clown Lounge has fantasized distantly about seeing an intimate, sweaty show down there, with a drum kit beside the upright piano and some good old fashioned grunge riffs pouring in double time out of an amplifier. Or where an absurdist hip-hopper spits rhymes about all manner of imaginative ephemera.

Well, your fantasies are now reality. Les Deux Magots will bring those riffs, St. Pauli GRLA will bring that hip-hop, and Blue Magic will bring metal at its doomiest and most sonically oppressive. Oh yeah, and the beer will still be poured tall and cheap, and you'll still be able to sit in all those cush booths and make eyes at whomsoever you please. It's not a win-win. It's a win-win-win-win.

The Clown Lounge has always been the intimate soft talker to the Turf Club's loudmouthed party animal, and it makes astonishing sense to finally convert that space, which has all the close quarters appeal of a good basement show, into a decent performance area.

The jury is out as to exactly how regular these performances will be. But with a line-up this strong for the grand opening, it's hard to imagine the idea falling too far out of favor, particularly with a $2.00 cover.

21+. 10:00 P.M. $2.00. Turf Club, 1601 University Avenue, Saint Paul.