Legendary San Diego Chargers, Sunnyside release split 7"

Legendary San Diego Chargers, Sunnyside release split 7"
It's Alive Records

With Jesse Thorson's voice hitting on the opening note, the Legendary San Diego Chargers exhibit a confidence in their songwriting that catches you from the start of their new split 7", Give 'em Enough Booze. The band really doesn't stray very far from the styles of Pretty Boy Thorson and the Gateway District, with whom they share members.

Add in any preconceived notions based on familiarity, as well as Thorson's distinct voice, and the Legendary San Diego Chargers are a logical extension (in fact, the band was born out of a limited lineup tour by Pretty Boy Thorson). The recurring themes of alcohol abuse and feeling alone are nothing new to their songwriting repertoire, and Thorson's technique of writing country songs--but delivering them as punk--continues to work brilliantly on Give 'em Enough Booze. Really, the only thing that makes LSDCs a new band is the fact that they contain only three members instead of five.

From the get go on "Things Are Pretty Fucked," the vulnerability that is entrenched at the music's core competes with its energy to create an uplifting, unified feeling that there will be a better tomorrow, regardless of how bad today is. In the mean time, the band preaches, just drink your problems away. The opener is one of the better songs I've heard this year and the other two stand their ground.

Taking side B is Sunnyside, from San Diego. They play a sloppy, by-the-book style that owes a lot to 1990s Recess Records. Singer Jason Weedon is angry, frustrated, and a bit on the screechy side. The songs don't let up, with driving a driving rhythm section that plays primarily in support of the guitars, unlike the Legendary San Diego Chargers side with its up-front bass. Lyrically, the ideas expressed are complicated considerations of life and art, but the couplet style that dominates the choruses is distracting. "All Monkey Radio & the Tranny Cock" is their most memorable song.

Give 'em Enough Booze is available on the It's Alive Records website.

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