Legendary San Diego Chargers featured on 4-band 7"

Legendary San Diego Chargers featured on 4-band 7"

Dangerous Intersections V, the fifth installment of the 4-band compilation series 7" from Traffic Street Records carries only one local connection this time around. That band, despite their non-Minnesotan name, is the Legendary San Diego Chargers, featuring members of Pretty Boy Thorson.

DC's Troublemake start the record with a bass intro reminiscent of Rancid that quickly segues into 90s-influenced East Bay punk with gruff vocals over melodic guitars and rough production. This is followed by the Legendary San Diego Chargers, a byproduct of an awry Pretty Boy Thorson tour. They offer "Fred and the Kids Are Dead," an Americana-tinged rock song that increases the speed as it continues. It's more electric than their Pretty Boy Thorson counterparts, but the roots-influence strongly defines the songwriting and the catchy refrain of "You get so down that you can't breathe" sticks in your head. There's a melancholy, hungover lyrical approach that contrasts with the sunny guitars and upbeat rhythm section.

On side B, Shang-a-Lang plays a fast, garage-y "Don't Bring Him Around" that barely tops a minute. The vocals are rough around the edges, but whenever things delve too from a clean melody, the group "whoa-oh's" snap it back into place. It's fast, fun, and easy to sing along to: just what the name Shang-a-Lang would suggest. Afterward, the folk-punk Andrew Jackson Jihad offer a cover of Billy Joel's "You May Be Right" that just might we worse than the original, with an acoustic reggae beat and Sean Bonnette's nonchalant vocals. The song sounds like it was recorded in a leaky basement, and what energy it has dissipates long before the end.

Overall it's a release that's heavy on memorable choruses, with an inconsistent feel, largely as a result of the end song. The Legendary San Diego Chargers and Shang-a-Lang are the most memorable contributions.

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