Lead singer Margaret Lane leaves Hildur Victoria, starts new project with Dave King


In a surprising Facebook status update today, Margaret Lane, lead singer and guitarist in the local band Hildur Victoria, has announced her departure from the group.


The band, also featuring Joe Clark on guitar, Jef Sundquist on bass, and Tapes 'n' Tapes drummer Jeremy Hanson, began playing together two years ago. They released their first recording, their Herringbone EP, in December 2009, and followed it with their recent self-titled full-length LP, released this April. The band was distinguished for their ethereal music and exquisite combination of vocal and instrumental composition, and Lane's break from the group will certainly mean a different sound.

Though Lane is not commenting on the reason for her departure, she did state that the remaining band members may carry on the name Hildur Victoria as a trio.

"I have made the decision to leave Hildur Victoria," Lane posted to Facebook. "It has been a tough few weeks. Thank you for an AMAZING 2 years! This was the project of my heart and a true diamond in the rough."

Lane revealed that she is still planning on making music, and is working on a project with local phenom Dave King as well as members of Halloween, Alaska, and Zebulon Pike. The release for this collaboration is set to drop this fall.