Le Tigre and Xtina teaming up


Le Tigre live. We still get light headed.

By now, you must know that Gimme Noise has a most schizophrenic kinship with Spears and Gordon alike.

And yet nothing in the last year has made our ears prick up quite so tall as the news that Le Tigre (the most influential rock band of the late 1990s) and Christina Aguilera (the greatest white voice since Dusty Springfield) are teaming up.

In case you forgot.

As far as Gimme Noise is concerned, the grunge revolution can go suck a shotgun barrel. The fruits of that movement are most clearly heard in spiritually devoid acts like Creed and Seven Mary Three.

But when we slap on the earphones and take a gander at White Stripes, Radiohead and Black Lips, we hear the atonal, snide tones of the riot grrrl movement in nearly every note. Is there a reason that no one is shouting Kathleen Hanna's name from the rooftops?

Perhaps it's simply that she wasn't clairvoyant enough to be born with a penis, nor yellow enough to kill herself, that keeps her out of the music critics' pages as a tremendous sonic revolutionary.  Or perhaps voices just don't carry too well through the testosterone haze that still hangs over rock and roll, some eight years after Le Tigre released the scathing, brilliant Feminist Sweepstakes.

In any case, the fact that Le Tigre will now be mentioned in the same breath as Christina Aguilera means a number of things-- a flood of uninitiated douchebags will now be appropriating Le Tigre, a multitude of Xtina fans might get a taste of true female empowerment, and the ensuing product is going to be something totally bizarre.For many reasons, we're all ears.