Le Petit Prince artist Troy Gua on the cease and desist from Prince

Prince puts the kibosh on his mini-me
Prince puts the kibosh on his mini-me
Photo courtesy of Troy Gua
Somewhere deep down, we're sure Seattle-based conceptual artist and serious Prince obsessive Troy Gua expected he'd someday have to face saying goodbye to the much-lauded miniature doll that was at the center of his art series, Le Petit Prince. This was no small project -- Gua literally recreated many famous Prince moments with the little guy and even included detailed props like the Purple Rain motorcycle. Ironically, we were recently emailing with Gua to do a piece about the new calendar he was putting out featuring some of these photographs, but this week Gua sadly informed us the dream is over.  He received a cease and desist letter from the real Prince's people on Monday. 

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Gua posted the news to Facebook early this week and talked with us about the controversy that has left many fans reeling. Gua has taken the high road, however, and added following on his page as a reminder when many expressed negative feelings toward Prince:

Le Petit Prince artist Troy Gua on the cease and desist from Prince

One commenter spoke up to say

Le Petit Prince artist Troy Gua on the cease and desist from Prince

What was your reaction?

Monday afternoon I got the email right after I came in from a run. I was dumbfounded and frankly, a little frightened. The wording is pretty aggressive. The hard copy came next day via FedEx.

You say on your Facebook page you're encouraging "no hate" over this -- what are you trying to get across? Are you protecting your idea of him?

I'm just shocked and upset at the outpouring of negativity for Prince over this situation. I'm protecting the essence of the project - and yes, I suppose I am protecting my idea of him, in a way.

What will you do with the doll now?

I don't really know yet - the order says I'm not even allowed to exhibit the photo work or the sculptural doll -- so...I really don't know. LPP means a lot to me, so he's not going in a box or anything.

What would be your message to Prince after all this?

My message to Prince...wow. Thank you for giving me so much joy throughout my life. I really don't know what else to say. Regarding LPP, I just wish it had turned out differently. I can argue that this project is my re-imagining, my recreation, my expression of the inspiration behind it, and that it is an artistic entity in and of itself, but I won't. I won't fight, I won't argue with my hero.

Do you think it was the Le Petit Prince calendar that tipped it this way, since you would presumably profit from it?

Maybe. But that's the thing -- it was to fund the self-publishing costs of a book that I was going to sell at cost -- there really was no profit to be.

So, obvious question... What is next for you?

Next? Back to the salt mines! I'm working on other projects - putting a solo show of Pop Hybrid work for May in Cleveland.

To learn more about Troy, check out his website.

RIP Le Petit Prince
RIP Le Petit Prince

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