Lazerbeak's "Lift Every Voice" video is a watercolor dance explosion

There's something soothing about Lazerbeak's latest video from his recent release, Lava Bangers. "Lift Every Voice" is an inspirational tune on its own -- thrusts of brass, a dirty electric guitar lick, a lounge-y keyboard insertion, and propulsive drums working at your neck to bob rhythmically along -- but when paired with a wash of hues, you'll swear you've been hearing these colors in the song all along.

Created and directed by the Doomtree beatmaker's old accomplice in the Plastic Constellations, Matt Scharenbroich, the clip is the coming together of the materials from a painting class, and a wealth of sophisticated storytelling, to boot. Loosely, we watch as a technicolor savior lands on earth, and moves the communities around him to dance.

"This track is probably my favorite one on the album," Lazerbeak says in a release accompanying the video. "It's one of the only beats I've ever made that no one was ever able to write a song to, it just felt like it could stand on its own without any rapping. For that reason it was a huge catalyst in putting this instrumental album together in the first place."

Scharenbroich has an enormous body of work featuring local artists -- including plenty of past collaborations with Lazerbeak, Sims, Red Pens, Zoo Animal, and more. Check out his skills.

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