Lazerbeak remixes, chills out Franz Diego's "Waggin' on the Scene"

The bump of Franz Diego's anthem "Waggin' on the Scene" has been a well-traveled song among local DJs for the past few months. Many have taken up the challenge to remix the song after a handy kit was posted back in February. A few of the notables to take up the charge were Audio Perm and Greg Grease.

However, the song's original J-Hard beat -- which recalls Kool & the Gang's "Summer Madness" with its high-pitched sirening -- attached to Diego's laid-back rhymes is just starting to truly click with the current renaissance of sunny weather, the spin of sprinkler systems, and vehicles blaring with beats around the Twin Cities.

But for every block party, there are also those lower key evening affairs, and that's what Doomtree producer Lazerbeak (who is now a new father) seems to be after with his "Waggin' on the Scene" remix.

With a bit of subdued, bubbling organ and a lightly tapping beat, the song becomes a bit of an audio creamsicle. It's definitely more of a sensitive take on the Diego credo, which if you still don't know what it mean(s), give a listen below or download it here.

The original version of the song appears on Sense of Self, which dropped four months ago. Similarly, the blissful "Bike Song" seems far more apt when we're not battling black ice and chill-to-the-core winds. 

What else is making the summer music rounds, people?

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