Lazerbeak prepares to release solo debut

Photo by Allison Allen

In case you haven't picked up a print edition of City Pages this week, we'd like to direct your attention to this

interview with Doomtree producer and former Plastic Constellation Lazerbeak

, a.k.a. Aaron Mader, who is releasing his solo debut next weekend at the Fine Line.

"The dazzlingly ambitious Legend Recognize Legend is a formidable fusion of giddy synthetic Euro-pop, confessional ambient balladry, and the occasional block-rockin' beat," writes reviewer Rob van Alstyne, who remarks that the record finds sweet middle ground between Mader's former life in a rock 'n' roll band and his experiences crafting beats for P.O.S, Dessa, and the rest of Doomtree.

Watch Lazerbeak's new music video for "Land's End" here:

LAZERBEAK (WITH HIS ENSEMBLE OF LEGENDZ) play a CD-release party with the Plastic Constellations and DJ Paper Tiger on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 1, at the FINE LINE MUSIC CAFE; 612.338.8100.

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