Lazerbeak: Lizzobangers reflects what I listen to on my own

A key element in the ascendance of 2013 Picked to Click champ Lizzo is the music backing her up. The just-released Lizzobangers came together because she and Doomtree producer Lazerbeak could see eye to eye creatively, and both loved listening to Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz. The release of this project comes amidst a year of breaking new ground for 'Beak ahead of new work that has just commenced for the next Doomtree project.

Gimme Noise spoke to Lazerbeak recently about his artistic connection with Lizzo, and got him to list off all of the Lava Bangers tracks that have been claimed so far.

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Gimme Noise: What has this creative period done for you as a producer?

Lazerbeak: It's been awesome. I've tried to make a conscious effort to work with some different people. To see the Mixed Blood Majority record and the Lizzo record come out, it's the culminating of the concept. This has been one of the most fun records I've ever worked on. I've been lucky enough to work on quite a few. I made the beats, but Ryan Olson was there every step of the way. He did a lot of edits and the ear candy stuff. He deserves a lot of credit. BJ Burton mixed it.


How does Lizzobangers differ from your past projects?

I generally tend to work on more heavy records, subject matter-wise. The beats on this record, some will say "this sounds a lot more rap." A lot of this is a reflection of the rap music I actually listen to on my own. I'm not only listening to underground rap music, backpack rap. When I actually do listen to a rap record, it's by a famous rapper. Like 2 Chainz or Kendrick Lamar. It's cool to step into that realm a little bit more.

Once you and Lizzo started working together, what was that like?

I was really excited at how fast she was working. These things take time. She already had four songs ready to demo. They sounded cool. Every time she'd come with a bunch of songs. Usually that isn't the case. A lot of times I'll make a beat and it'll sit around for a couple of years before it gets written to. Four or five years, occasionally. All of a sudden we had a full-length. I like moving quickly like that.

What does Lizzo's style bring to the Twin Cities scene?

It's really beneficial to her that she didn't grow up here. The Southern vibe is present on this record. You can hear it in some of the drawl. It's not overbearing, but it's definitely in there. It's subtle, but I like that a lot. It's to her advantage to come from a different place. It's pretty amazing the depth she has musically, across the board. That's part of the reason she works with so many people. People were willing to work with her when she first got here. She got on so many guest verses for different shit. That speaks to our community as well, to let in an outsider. Most cities are more fickle. That probably led to her working with so many different people.

What surprised you about the sessions with Lizzo?

I didn't realize she could sing so well. She did it on a couple songs that didn't make the record when we first demoed. The track called "Go" on the album, that beat was originally twice as fast. I'd love to play it for people at some point. She was like "Let's bring it down to like 60 bpm." I wanna try something. Me and Ryan got back and she produced vocals for the first time. Like an R&B song. For me, R&B music is what I listen to the most. It's always been a secret.

How many of the Lava Bangers beats have been claimed so far?

Smash Hit = "Moron" by Prof

Bully = "Still Standing Still" by Mixed Blood Majority

Ay Bay Bee = "Keep Diggin'" by Mixed Blood Majority & Lizzo

Like That = F. Stokes track (can't remember the name)

Finally Back = "Wat U Mean" by Lizzo

Ghostdust = "Hot Dish" by Lizzo

Buffalo Plaid = "Product of My Company" by Mixed Blood Majority

Eleventh Hour = "Fine Print" by Mixed Blood Majority

Thimble Man = "Be Still" by Lizzo

Skronked Up = "Faded" by Lizzo

Stream Lizzobangers here.

Lizzo's Lizzobangers release show. Saturday, December 28 at Triple Rock Social Club. Tickets here.

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