Lava lamps, bendy bodies, and pop-up video in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Orchid Eaton's kaleidoscopic video for 'Alsace-Lorraine.'

Orchid Eaton's kaleidoscopic video for 'Alsace-Lorraine.' YouTube

What’s the best way to support local music?

Tuning into Local Frames every Tuesday helps, sure, but City Pages is just an intermediary in the exchange between musician and listener. The musician creates, then pays a PR rep, who contacts the writer, who’s paid by the paper, which is paid by advertisers. At no point are the listener and musician directly involved.

Reading this column is a great start, but you can involve yourself at the point of creation. Contribute to album Kickstarters, buy albums directly from merch tables, petition venues to book artists. Your dollars are worth more than my words.

Orchid Eaton – “Alsace-Lorraine” (PREMIERE)

Visual artists Chris LeBlanc and Mike Lund have seemingly mushed together a lava lamp and a kaleidoscope in Orchid Eaton ’s video for “Alsace-Lorraine.” Trippy and gorgeous, the overlapping waves of color and texture beg you to gaze deeper as the song grows ever more tender, like some cosmic coincidence. “Alsace-Lorraine” is off Orchid Eaton’s Start of the Dream, which releases June 16. Tune in, turn on, and drop out with the band that night at Eagles 44 along with Tungsten and Josh Harmony.

Carnage the Executioner – “It’s Still Work” (PREMIERE)

Mastering a verse in one take is a badge of honor in the hip-hop world. As usual, veteran local MC Carnage the Executioner takes things to the next level. The video for “It’s Still Work” was shot all in one take by director Paul von Stoetzel. No hidden edits. No camera trickery. Just Carnage pulling off one of his patented “public executions,” in which he raps while synchronizing his loop pedals. While Carnage rhymes about the work he’s put in, little fact bubbles appear, a la the classic VH1 show Pop-Up Video, giving props to the people putting in the work behind the scenes of the shoot.

Strange Relations – “Sure”

Dance troupes are the unsung heroes of the local music video world. They can turn a street corner into a jamboree or elevate a party scene into a mesmerizing sequence. For the video for their new song “Sure,” Strange Relations and director James Christenson hired dance collective Kelvin Wailey (which consists of Laura Osterhaus, Emma Marlar, and Leila Awadallah) to transform an empty room into a studio with their beautifully twisted bodies. “Sure” comes from the band’s 2017 release Editorial You.

Prolly Tri$ – “40 Acres and a Mule”

The CRAM boys are back with another short-burn solo track to share. This time, it’s rapper Prolly Tri$ in the lens turning a Cokeface beat into a statement of purpose. For the “40 Acres and a Mule” video, director Endlessvisiion follows Tri$ around South Minneapolis while he mumbles out his punchlines and drinks a goddamn gigantic coffee. The members of the group have all been stepping out to define themselves as individual artists, and in “40 Acres and Mule,” Tri$ proves he’s not the hypest of his peers, but he can rip a verse that will hypnotize you into nodding your head along with him.

New Sound Underground – “Chocolate Swamp”

The appeal of New Sound Underground is not in purely in their skill. It’s also their unpredictability. You never know exactly which way the notes will bend or where the next solo will lead. It’s an exhilarating show—just ask anyone who was at Sociable Cider Werks Funk Fest last Sunday. For those of you who couldn’t make it, the band has just dropped off the new video for “Chocolate Swamp,” which captures the multitalented six-piece recording at Drum Farm Studios in Menominee. Though it’s not as good as the in-person experience, “Chocolate Swamp” should be enough to convince you not to miss NSG’s next live set.

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