Laundry funk, angry saviors, and Russian subversion in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Uh oh, there's a saxophone man in the washing machine again.

Uh oh, there's a saxophone man in the washing machine again. YouTube

Hello from the mountain.

As you’re reading this, I am freshly back from a ski wedding in Vermont, a blissful 1,400 miles from Minneapolis/St. Paul. It feels good to get some distance. The scene gets stagnant. You go to enough bars on enough nights, and all of a sudden the world collapses in on you.

Now, from my repose in the Green Mountain State, I miss it. Isn’t that just the Twin Cities way? Thank Bernie Sanders I have these five video postcards from my hometown music scene. And now you do too.

Purple Funk Metropolis – “CRUSIN!” (PREMIERE)

Please wash Purple Funk Metropolis on the delicate cycle—they’re trying to water ski in there. The wah-happy Minneapolis funk crew took their PTO down to the local laundromat in the new video for “CRUSIN!,” the title track off their 2019 EP, without a thought to what the suds will do to their saxes. No, instead the boys kayak, scuba, and sunbathe all while getting their fibers washed clean. “CRUSIN!” was directed by Tyler Thomas.

Moodie Black – “Jesus Bound”

Last fall, Moodie Black threw a festival celebrating the angry, dysphoric side of music, but now the pitch-dark rap duo is experimenting more with their post-punk roots. The forthcoming Fuzz is similar to Black’s past work in that it’s glitched out and aggressive, but the tones are more out of Bauhaus’s catalog than Death Grips’. It’s a perfect milieu for Black to explore, given their long history of non-conformist DIY. Rapper Kris Martinez even directs the video for single “Jesus Bound.” Fuzz is out March 27 on Fake Four.

Typsy Panthre – “The Strange Thing”

Protest songs don’t have to be obvious. Take, for example, Typsy Panthre’s new anti-Trump single “The Strange Thing.” The song, which comes from the band’s aptly titled 2019 LP Hell doesn’t announce itself as being about the narcissistic billionaire in the country’s highest office, but once singer Allison Labonne takes off her American flag shirt to reveal a Russian banner beneath, the subtlety dissipates. Suddenly her mysterious whisper of “It’s taken the stage/It loves being praised” takes on a new meaning. 

Bakarii ft. Obi Original – “Unilingual”

Did you see Bakarii open for Jidenna at First Ave last October? Director Jonny Stuckmayer did, and that’s when he knew he had to work with the Twin Cities singer on a video. Their collaboration flourished into the new video for “Unilingual,” a sensual capitulation of Bakarii’s multinational identity. Bakarii uses Afro-Hispanic melodies to seduce the listener, a vibe that Stuckmayer transforms into a story of a man and a woman trying to communicate through body language alone. 

Thon – “Relate”

Minnesota isn’t all about backpack rap. Some rappers are in it for the gangster shit. You can tell where Thon fits on this continuum in the first five seconds of his new video for “Relate,” directed by Fella Fellz Films. Thon peels off his hoodie, revealing a bulletproof vest, and proceeds to unwind with a house full of twerking women. Minneapolis producer Tory Vee turns out a drippy trap beat, and Thon doesn’t hesitate, using it as a canvas to paint a portrait of his hard-hustling life.

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