Last night's 'Late Show' had Bash & Pop, Colbert's classic persona zinging Obama [VIDEO]

Stinson leading Bash & Pop on "The Late Show"

Stinson leading Bash & Pop on "The Late Show" YouTube

Tommy Stinson's recently reformed band Bash & Pop played to a tiny hometown crowd last week in Minneapolis. On Thursday, the group rocked a considerably larger audience on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

B&P, which Stinson launched in 1992 after the Replacements split, hardly felt like a Clinton-era relic on Colbert. Sporting matching suits, the group ripped through the riff-y, Stones-ian rock 'n' roller "On the Rocks." The song appears on this month's Anything Could Happen, the first B&P release since their 1993 debut. Stinson & Co. were obviously feeling it, as Colbert manually shut down their amps when they went long. Things escalated quickly: 

Also of note from last night's Late Show: Colbert dusted off his classic Colbert Report persona to bid farewell to President Barack Obama.

"I don't want to exaggerate here ..." his blowhard conservative character snarled, "Every year of the Obama regime felt like he was strangling a bald eagle with the American flag while taking a dump on an apple pie."

Watch both clips below.