Last chance to mate

Last chance to mate

Adventures in Mating, penned and produced by local comedy talent Joseph Scrimshaw, has been "getting it on" on Monday nights for the past two years. It will reach its climax Valentines Day with two special shows. Pillow talk and after-performance cigarettes not provided.

Adventures in Mating

debuted in the 2005 Fringe Festival, and went on to become the third most popular show at the Fringe. On Valentines Day in 2007, the play found its groove, performing Monday nights at the Bryant-Lake Bowl. During its run, nine different actors have played the three main characters, with Joseph Scrimshaw playing all three, including the female part, at one point in time.

Since it's debut, Mating has been gone on to be performed in a mix of locations outside of the Twin Cities, including the impressive (Seattle, New York, UK), the logical (Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin), and the unexpected (Bulgaria. Um, really?).

You can still enjoy Adventures in Mating 8 p.m. Monday nights through February 9. Tickets are $12 ($2 with a Fringe Button) at Bryant-Lake Bowl (810 W. Lake St., Minneapolis; 612.825.8949).

The two special, final Valentine's Day shows will feature The Bad Date Chorus, a collection of bad date stories collected over the past two years. The final two shows are at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. with tickets at $15 ($5 with Fringe Button).

Check out or for more information.

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