Land of the tea and the home of the crepes: Welcome to Michael Mannske's nightmare (and book)

Ever wondered what would happen if the UN invaded the U.S., and France occupied the Upper Midwest? Plymouth resident Michael Mannske has. In fact, he's written a book about it—a "novel of freedom," to be precise—that's set to hit (he's self-publishing) on July 4th.

Inspired by "talk radio" and "history," the author explains, he has set his high-stakes thriller "in the near future," during "the coming US-UN war." Although the book is Mannske's debut, it is part two of a planned trilogy. As we join the action, the nation's president has ceded power to the UN via the "Declaration of Dependence" and the evil internationalists have invaded our shores. A rebel force of true patriots in the "Middle States" (read: Bible Belt) is doing its best to repel the foreign intruders.

Sadly, Minnesota, just a little east of center, is a French protectorate.

"I'm trying to ask a lot of questions," Mannske says, explaining the thinking behind Foreign and Domestic: Campaign II - Battle of the Middle States. "The revolutionaries reached their tipping point at a 14 percent tax on tea. Are there still people out there like that? Where is our tipping point?"