Lana Del Rey visits Twin Cities, all we get is a Current appearance

Now there's probably no one who's going to get that headline on a novelty T-shirt, but the much-discussed Lana Del Rey was indeed in St. Paul late last week. She taped an in-studio appearance on the Current (and Cities 97 too, we have learned), and was gone!

Unlike many ribald internet users, Gimme Noise is not mad at Lana Del Rey for anything she's done artistically so far. But, it's disappointing that she traveled all the way to the Twin Cities, and didn't get out to one of the many local clubs that would welcome her -- and a drink-purchasing public -- to the stage with a less harsh reception than what you get on the coasts.

After all, it was not the good people of Minnesota shouting "Judas" at Robert Zimmerman when he left the state to pursue fame and fortune (and the surname of Dylan) in New York.

In this clip, the amiable Steve Seel is fawning over the young woman formerly known as Lizzy Grant. He is practically gushing, we dare say, when mentioning how many millions of albums she's sold and notes that the nasty press she has received is enough to make a person run off to New Zealand and start an alpaca farm. In between beautiful arrangements of "Video Games," "Blue Jeans," and "Million Dollar Man," Lana speaks about the perils of her fame, and how she wishes she had a small, loyal fanbase.

Those who don't have sympathy for a singer who can lament the reception she receives whenever she appears on national television shows probably still won't be moved. But, the argument stands that actually getting out and performing more -- even if it's to win over folks who think they are skeptics because that's what the blogs tell them to be -- will only help balance out the deafening buzz noise about everything NOT related to her music. 

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