Lake house revelry, rooftop grooves, and a return to Robbinsdale in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

A clip from We Are's video for 'Zenergy.'

A clip from We Are's video for 'Zenergy.' YouTube

Cue the spooky shit.

We’re headlong into October now, the most macabre month on the calendar, and I am ready to flourish. Every year, I challenge local filmmakers and musicians to turn in their goriest, ghastliest, most sinister work in celebration of Halloween.

October 29 with mark the fourth year of this celebration, and the dedication has only increased in the past three years (2016, 2017, and 2018 here). Let’s make 2019 a front-to-back Halloween theme. Paul von Stoetzel has already secured a spot for his yearly episode of madness, but can we get four more to follow his lead? Send an email to the address below, and let’s get this spookfest started.

We Are – “Zenergy”

Summer is gone by now, but Minneapolis rapper/producer duo We Are aren’t ready to let go of the lake life. In the new video for “Zenergy,” they took videomaker Jake Woodbridge out to their cabin and gave August the sendoff it deserves. The video has some serious (if G-rated) Prof vibes, as the weekend blurs into a sunset pontoon party. We Are will ring in fall on November 2 when their new LP drops. 

Nova Human – “The Streets”

Director Sam Wiebe went to great heights to introduce Nova Human to the world. Literally. The video for the synthwave band’s debut single “The Streets” was shot atop a building in downtown Minneapolis, the city’s most iconic sights glistening behind them. The band doesn’t have much room to move around without threatening a spectacular fall, but they work the space with their soft, contemplative alt-rock, the sun setting further and further as the song comes to its final purr.

Gabe Barnett and Them Rounders – “Robbinsdale”

Two years ago, Gabe Barnett and Them Rounders took us to a backyard bacchanal in Robbinsdale in what was one of my favorite videos featured in my tenure here at Local Frames. Now they return to put some sheen on that vision of suburban bliss. The studio version of “Robbinsdale” comes with a quaint little video depicting a train passing in a purple veil. However, the best way to listen to this song is with your eyes closed, an idyllic vision of the city dancing in your mind. Gabe Barnett and Them Rounders will release their new album From the Bottom on November 7 at the Cedar.

The Shrinking Violets – “Nightclub Ballroom”

Do not adjust your television set. The video for the Shrinking Violets' new single embraces the static as part of their uncanny retro aesthetic. “Nightclub Ballroom” has a definite Velvet Underground-meets-the Strokes feel, though the band aren’t afraid to thumb their nose at their own influences. In the video, the band members goof around a closed set, giving viewers a portrait of their fun-loving interpretation of garage rock. 

Wisini – “Are You Going to Town”

Wisini close out this week’s edition of Local Frames with a wandering folktale. “Are You Going to Town” is a mystical meditation on the very act of leaving. In the video for the song, director Loocis Scott projects roving landscapes all over the band, elaborating the uneasy drive for exploration in the singer Colin Tierny’s lyrics. “Are You Going to Town” is from Wisini’s June LP New Land.

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