Lake Calhoun's name? Let's Replacements it

Replacements frontman Paul Westerberg at Midway Stadium in 2014.

Replacements frontman Paul Westerberg at Midway Stadium in 2014.

In the wake of last week's race-driven massacre in Charleston, S.C., brazenly racist symbols and names are falling out of fashion. In the Twin Cities, that means a renewed push to change the name of Lake Calhoun, a body of water commemorating noted monster John C. Calhoun (get the full scoop here). Fueled by slavery and genocide and hardtack, U.S. history is pockmarked by an endless list of evil men and their evil deeds. Is it possible or even historically responsible to replace every unsavory callback? No, but removing the name of a pro-slavery zealot from one of the metro's foremost recreation areas seems reasonable enough.

So, are you unsatisfied with Lake Calhoun's name? Here comes a reference ... or 50. Determining a replacement name for Lake Calhoun led local music nerds on Twitter to an obvious source: the Replacements. Here's the tweet from Hold Steady frontman/'Mats megafan Craig Finn that sparked the reference-off: 

— Craig Finn (@steadycraig) June 24, 2015 Naming a Minnesota lake doesn't require much thought or wordplay (we have 26 Long Lakes, 13 Clear Lakes, and seven Big Lakes, after all). Those traits were on display yesterday, though, as fans of the local rock legends offered up some doozies. No one cared for my deep-cut proposals ... bastards — of young?! (I'll show myself out.) Anyway, the Replacements may have broken up (again), but they can live forever — in rockin' lake form! — with these suggestions to 'Mats-ify Calhoun: