Lady Sovereign wonders if a 'certain someone' will show to Fine Line gig

The side ponytail may not be making an appearance, but Lady Sovereign is back in business. After a good three years of avoiding the music industry, possibly the paparazzi and any notion of true responsibility, the British brat is in the ring for another round. The loud-mouthed lady rapper released the new album Jigsaw last month and has since hit the American highways for a coast-to-coast tour.

In 2005, Lady Sov was the first non-American female signed to JZ's Def Jam and her 2006 album Public Warning worked wonders with its single, "Love Me or Hate Me." Lady Sov has since been booted from the label, most likely due to 1) major attitude issues 2) ridiculous ego 3) Jay-Z was scared she'd steal Beyonce. Midget Records was born and now the witty bird can be her own boss and more importantly, get her way without question. Jigsaw became the label's first release, and it's bright, innovative and super fun to hop to in your high tops.The lyrics are a bit simple at times, but Sov isn't bragging through lines of enlightening poetry. If nothing more, the album will offer a great soundtrack for drunken dancing when she stops in at the Fine Line on Saturday (May 16).

After the show, there's one spot you'll be sure to catch her Stussy at: The Seville Club. Sov is no stranger to the Twin Ciites; her now-terminated relationship with one of the "classier" strip club's employees meant multiple visits to our city. As I'm no Perez Hilton, you'll have to ask the midget with the mic for the juicy details. 

"The biggest midget in the game" did manage to answer a slew of other less love-life related questions via cell phone while hanging at her dad's flat outside of London. Amid being slightly timid, a bit awkward and annoyingly afraid of bugs, here's what she managed to say and not say at the same time:

Sov: Bloody hell. I'm locked out of my house.

CP: What? How does that happen?

Sov: I'm living with my dad and brother right now and they didn't leave me a key, so I'm sitting on the wall of the front garden.

...skip a few shrieks pertaining to bumble bees and other garden friends.

CP: So after the breakup with your Minnesotan lover, are you holding a grudge against Minneapolis?

Sov: No grudges. I still like Minneapolis.

CP:You're familiar with the city, so where do you like to go when you're here?

Sov: I can't remember the names because I'm always getting dragged along to different places.

CP: Where have you been since "Public Warning"? You've basically vanished for three years.

Sov: I took some time off. Got back in touch with friends. Drinkin' it up-- not in an alcoholic way. Gettin' back in the social circle and not thinking about work.

...more yelps, a bunch of sneezes and somthing about "hay fever."

CP: Does your music still feel like work?

Sov: Interviews, yes. Just depends on my mood and the questions I'm getting asked.

CP: What questions do you hate getting so I can avoid them?

Sov: Anything about Def Jam or Jay-Z. Actually there are quite a few.

CP: You pretty pumped to be running your own label? Being in charge?

Sov: It's great. If there's too much going on, I'm like fuck this. I just don't answer the phone--

it's not like anyone is gonna give me any shit. It's my problem now.

CP: So you've been quite active on Twitter lately. What do you like to twit about?

Sov: For the past two days I've twittered about being madly attacked by bugs. The weather got all tropical here. Lots of garden bugs and shit. I've been screamin' like a bitch at wasps.

CP: So I take it you're not a gardener?

Sov: No way. Spiders? Oh, god, there's one on me now. I'm never wearing yellow again.

CP: The lyrics on "Jigsaw" tend to be a little more personal. I thought you were so tough?

Sov: I'm a girl with all the moods and I'm entitled to have my sappy moments. When I wanna be aggressive, I'll do it. When I wanna be all lovey-dovey, I'll do it. I ain't got nothing to hide, except for the fact--

literally cuts herself off here...

CP: You ditched the ponytail. It was your trademark-

Sov: I realized I look so much hotter with my hair down. And it was killing my hair. So I said, bye. See you later.

CP: Excited about the tour?

Sov: Yeah I'm excited. I'm wondering if a certain someone in Minneapolis will come. It'd be rude if not.

...I guess we'll have to wait and find out.

Lady Sovereign @The Fine Line

May 16

Doors 5pm


Lady Sovereign's Official Site