Lady Sovereign has Minneapolis girlfriend?

class=img_thumbleft>The Minnesota Daily gossip column Holla Backlash reports that "tiny 21-year-old Brit rapper Lady Sovereign, who put out a record on Jay-Z's Def Jam label last year, was spotted downtown at the Gay '90s on Sunday, Jan. 14." Without a concert to play, apparently: "The real reason Sov made the trip, according to several eyewitnesses who saw the pipsqueak out clubbin', was for a little face time with someone supposedly named Andrea--yes, as in a female, Andrea. And by face time, we mean more like sucking face (or snogging in Brit-speak)." Lady Sovereign's personal life is her own, and everybody hates a stalker; but we can't help wonder if she'd be interested in working with local hip-hop producers or rappers while she's in town. SOV, hit me up. (Hat tip Keri Carlson.)