Lady Sovereign announces new label, album

Image by Dustin Edward for Party Pixels

It's time once again to make way for the S-O-V, apparently. 

Britian's first white femme-C (who for some time was -- and possibly still is -- dating a woman in the Twin Cities area) is back after making some big waves in '05 but sinking into the shadows soon after. Now, according to her publicity reps, Lady Sovereign is back with a new label and album, and is offering her new track "I Got You Dancing" on her MySpace for download.

We're not sure what's going to happen to her relationship with Def Jam -- which she was signed to personally by Jay Z -- but sources say the new album is being released through her own recently created sub-label on EMI, unfortunately called "Midget Records."

Sov often refers to herself as "a white midget."

The scrappy, side-pony wearing rapper announced this news in a quick note to her fans:

"Just to let you now i'm alive! Today you can hear the first track "I Got You Dancing" from my new album. I'm giving it away for free at my website and myspace, call
it an early Christmas gift! I just finished writing the new album in London, it's going to
release on April 6th 2009. The album is the next chapter, it's a massive leap forward for mankind!!!"

Is the leap still massive when made by a midget? The world may never know.

To download the new track, click: