Lady Gaga's luckiest Little Monster talks about getting the ultimate call mid-show


In our review of Lady Gaga's first Xcel show last week, we wrote about how one lucky Little Monster got the ultimate "Telephone" call from Gaga mid-show, and how it was one of the most endearing and personal moments of her two-hour performance. That Little Monster happened to be a young U of M student named Alex Cook, and he was kind enough to take a moment to answer a few questions about his once-in-a-lifetime concert experience.

Was there any warning that Gaga was going to be calling you, or did you find out the moment your phone started ringing?

Yes, a tall guy with wings game to my seat and shouted, "You won! Aren't you so excited?!" My reply was an astonished, "Excited about what?! I don't even know what's going on!" Then they told me that I had won a phone call with Lady Gaga, and that I would be taking it in front of the 15,000 person crowd.  

What was your immediate reaction?

My immediate reaction was relatively calm because I was just confused and it didn't register. As they started to explain exactly what was going to happen, my knees started to shake and I the butterflies wouldn't stop.  I had no idea what I was going to say! Should I propose right away or wait until we got to know each other a little better? I decided that I would stick to my Alejandro story because I had told all of my friends on a previous occasion that she had written the song for me, so this phone call could now be used as proof!

What did you think about the show overall?

I loved the show. I was in a bit of a daze for most of it, but the seats we won were amazing. When she was showing off the fact that they don't lip sync on the Monster Ball Tour, after "Show Me Your Teeth," I was completely blown away by how powerful her voice could get.

What happened when you went backstage to meet her? Was there anything specifically that you wanted to tell her?

When we met her backstage my mom and I had her to ourselves. She was completely down to earth and not at all intimidating. Not at all like I would expect from how wild she was on stage. I wanted to tell her that I really appreciated her advocacy for gay rights because I have several gay friends who I believe are more comfortable with who they are because of her. Also, we asked her about how she gained such strong convictions at such a young age, and we had a good conversation about that.  

This doesn't answer any of your questions, but I thought that it was interesting how much the people who worked with Lady Gaga seemed to genuinely like her. They were extremely affectionate every time they mentioned her and they really emphasized the fact that she was a sweet and approachable person.


Alex Cook (Alejandro ;) )

Lady Gaga's luckiest Little Monster talks about getting the ultimate call mid-show

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