Lady Gaga descends on the Twin Cities

Lady Gaga descends on the Twin Cities

This one's been all over the blogs today, but we can't help but jump on board the Lady Gag-in-Minnesota craze. Just days after announcing that Lady Gaga had been named a Creative Director for a new line of Polaroid products, the pop singer posted a photo on Twitter of her new business card, which clearly displays an address in Minnetonka.

As others have pointed out, Polaroid was purchased by Tom Petters in 2005 and incorporated into his Petters Group Worldwide holding company, which has offices in Minnetonka. Whether this means Lady Gaga herself will be flying in and out of the Twin Cities to talk business remains to be seen, but here's hoping that our new favorite local gossip blog, LOL/OMG, fires up a Lady Gaga-stalking section just in case.

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