L.A. Nik's Donald Trump views make front page of Sunday Star Tribune

Can you guess which person goes by L.A. Nik?

Can you guess which person goes by L.A. Nik?

L.A. Nik — the relentless, self-proclaimed "Minneapolis Mayor After Dark" — is not shy about sharing his opinions. He feels downtown is "in denial" about waves of violence and drugs; he views changing Lake Calhoun's name as a "Pandora's Box";  he thinks one day he'll tattoo eyeliner onto his face

The one-time L.A. rocker turned grandstanding Minneapolis omnipresence has political beliefs that expand beyond his contempt for local government. Surprisingly, the Star Tribune decided to share those beliefs on the front page of yesterday's Sunday edition. 

Appearing in an article titled "Why they want Trump," the "author/entertainer/producer" explained why he's backing GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump. 

“Do I like Trump as a person? Probably not,” the real-life Nickolas Pilotta tells the Strib. “Would I hang out with him? Probably not. Would I like to see him beat Hillary Clinton? Absolutely.”

Nik is eager to see if Trump can uproot the two-party political system, he informs the Strib, but he harbors reservations about Trump's "bombastic style." Unrelated:
— ☆L.A. NIk☆ (@RockerLANik) March 14, 2016
Anyway, here's L.A. Nik's 2012 aggro-rocker "Friends in Minneapolis." Maybe it'll soundtrack the democracy-decaying chaos of Trump's next Twin Cities rally.