L.A. Nik's apartment flooded after downtown water main break

Early on Sunday morning, around 4 a.m., a water main burst at 7th Street South and Portland Avenue, flooding a stretch of downtown. On the front lines of the damage: L.A. Nik's 4,000-sq. ft., three-story condo.

Nik, the self-styled downtown personality and sometime-musician, lives in the Sexton Lofts, a building smack at the intersection of the water main break. "There's nothing like being woken at 4 in the morning to the sound of 40 degree rushing water, flooding your home, just beneath your bed," Nik wrote Sunday on his blog.

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He took to Facebook with more details, and his post describes a layer of water covering everything on the first floor of his house.

"Our beautiful home we worked so hard on is in ruins, thanks to a city water main break," Nik writes. "Everything on the first floor is trash. 3 feet of water. Our brand new bed and our couches all under water. The whole building has been evacuated and they are saying we won't be back to normal for weeks. Truly heartbroken. We loved our home."

Nik points out that this is the third downtown water break since the summer. "Ironically," he writes [N.B.: we do not think that word means what you think it means, Nik], "the city of Minneapolis seems to have a track record with water mains breaking."

Will downtown infrastructure be the target of L.A. Nik's next campaign? Stay tuned. For now, Nik has parlayed the flooding into some swag: "Had a few downtown restaurants offer us free dinners and drinks," he writes on Facebook, in a post thanking his building management and supporters.

The Sexton and three nearby buildings remained without water service on Sunday, KARE 11 reports. Mayor R.T. Rybak addressed Nik and his neighbors in the Sexton via Twitter:

-- Mayor R.T. Rybak (@MayorRTRybak) October 20, 2013 Reminds us of the time Nik pronounced himself "The Mayor of Minneapolis After Dark," and Rybak replied, "If you really want to feel like the Mayor, I'll let you answer the calls about potholes, snowplowing and property taxes." Add to that list: downtown water main breaks.