L.A. Nik releases "video" for his "Friends in Minneapolis" single

All you need to know about L.A. Nik: black nail polish, silver jewelry, self-promoting business card.

All you need to know about L.A. Nik: black nail polish, silver jewelry, self-promoting business card.


When Gimme Noise introduced you to downtown personality L.A. Nik's new single, "Friends in Minneapolis," at the end of June, Nik mentioned he was working on a follow-up video. The wait is over: he released the "music" "video" this week, both in quotes because the "music" is more of a growly shout, and the "video" is a bar mitzvah-style photo montage of Nik hamming it up around town.

[jump] We have some questions about this video. On his blog, Nik describes his concept as "a collage of many important people in my life that I have met in the Twin Cities." These people include (we have to infer) men like this officer, who's shrugging as Nik holds a map and points into the distance, possibly asking him for directions (or probably, just asking him to pose).


In our interview in June, Nik proclaimed his love of Nice Ride MN. He has a yearly subscription, and described the bike share as part of his daily routine. "I wake up at 12:30 or 1 [p.m.], I go for a bike on a Nice Ride, and then I go to happy hour," he says. "I got two bikes stolen here, and this is so much better." Combine that information with the above still from the video, and one wonders if this moment of conferring with a cop is also an everyday scene. ("Officer, what's this on my map? You know, I'm from L.A.").

Nice Ride is not Nik's only preferred method of transportation.

Here's an ad campaign that he did for Metro Transit. But... Metro Transit didn't ask him for it. According to what he told us a month ago, Nik took it upon himself to create this ad for the transportation authority, as a favor. But when he pitched it, they weren't interested. Good thing he had a music video montage to re-purpose the photo.

The video also addresses Nik's relationship with Mayor R.T. Rybak, in the form of this:

You might remember how, after Nik posted a press release announcing that he was "in talks" with Letterman's Late Show on Rybak's Facebook page, the mayor responded:

So, either the photo op in the montage happened before this smack down, or the city's two "mayors" (one real, one self-appointed) have reconciled, or... Rybak has not ever and still doesn't know who L.A. Nik is.

Nik admits that the video is "more of a slideshow," and he has plans for a second take -- this time, footage of a live performance.  He's working on opening a new downtown venue, and in about two months, when the space is up and running, he wants to throw a big party, perform "Friends in Minneapolis," and release a video of the show.

Until then, here's the full first version. So far, it has 234 views and 3 likes. (If only Nik had recruited some kids to rap about snacks). Do you recognize yourself or anyone you know? If so, please out them in the comments.

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