Kristoff Krane releases Fanfaronade this Saturday

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Yeah, yeah, Soundset is this weekend. We see the tweets, the likes, and even the cover of this magazine. But in case you need a break or are a compulsive gambler and being around racetracks brings out the itch, how about a CD release party this weekend? 

Kristoff Krane celebrates the release of his new record Fanfaronade this Saturday at the Triple Rock. This will be his fourth official album and it is available for a free digital download on Crushkill Recordings. For those who haven't invested in iPods yet, compact discs will be available at the show as well.

Many believe he got stiffed out of our recent Top 20 Rappers in Minnesota, and his avant-gardeness, ability to experiment and his introspective lyrics have built him a loyal following. We trade bandwidth with Krane as he talks about his record, relationship with Eyedea and his taste in reality TV models.

What was your goal with this record?


 Like any other release I have put into the world, my hopes are that my art inspires others in need of inspiration and that it may be a tool a reference for those seeking a window of clarity into an emotional circumstance/mind-state they are currently in or have experienced in the past. So whether this piece of work helps open up one's creative filter, reminds one of who they are and what they wish to do, or simply pushes one's buttons and leads to frustration, I'm okay either way, so long as there is a response worth mentioning. 

 What do you think of the recent comments that our city is overrun with below average rappers? 

 At one point (while in a cloudy state), I've made comments like this. As of now, not to come off as pompous, I choose to remain anchored in a more "positive" perspective. By that I mean that, due to experience, I've found that I feel better and more constructive when I can find the beauty in something, rather than point out its flaws, I therefore view the Twin Cities as a place full of very talented artists (but of course there's no question that since the release of 8 Mile that any big city is going to overflowing with below-average rappers). 

How you dealing with the loss of Eyedea?

I deal with it like the average human deals with death. Sometimes I look it in the face, other times I escape from it; sometimes I can accept it and other times I refuse to. I'll take one of his lines from the album By the Throat by stating, "...each day gets a little less intense, I no longer feel like there's someone standing on my chest." It comes in waves and these waves are subtly getting smaller and having less and less power over me. 

 Yes we were close. If anyone wants an idea of how close we were (are?), just listen to the new Face Candy album, Teenage Wasteland (RSE, 2012), you can hear it on there I think, or check out some Face Candy live shows on YouTube. Just to make sure it's clear, Mike is and will forever be the biggest influence on me as a human being and artist. He could see me in a more "realized potential" and he challenged me to fulfill that version of myself and vice versa. When something like that is happening between two people, I'd say it constitutes using the word "close" for sure. 

Kristoff Krane releases Fanfaronade this Saturday

 I always have thought of you as an overlooked MC. Who, in your opinion, is overlooked?

Well, I'd definitely rather be considered underrated artist than an overrated one, so that's cool. This is definitely a pertinent question to ask in the context of the new album, because part of the message behind it is that people need to wake up and smell the "vegetable" rappers and quit sitting around sniffing toxic cotton candy candles that happen to smell good. By that I mean, there are so many talented "underground" artists out there today who go unheard simply because other "kind-of underground" rappers happen to have some sort of gimmicky trademark that distracts people and gets them to sit and sniff their bullshit, while we're out here playing shows for 100 people.

I do want to make clear that I have a ton of respect for those who laid the path of "indie-underground hip-hop" on which I now travel, and will never deny how much those people have influenced me. So to them I give praise and thanks. Every rapper that is featured on my album was asked to be on it a. because I have been influenced by them greatly and respect them and b. because I feel like they can all identify with what it feels like to be underrated: Sage Francis, Illogic, Buck 65, Crescent Moon, Ceschi, Sadistik, Joe Horton, and Mike Schank. 

 Would you date a reality show actress? 
 No, but I hire one to debut my upcoming YouTube videos in order to get more plays and make more money to buy more things for people so they like me more.

 If you could invite five MCs to jump on a track with you (dead or alive) who would it be? 

 Eyedea of course. Other than that, I did. They are on my new album.

Kristoff Krane releases Fanfaronade this Saturday

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