KQRS Morning Show: Losing its Edge?

KQRS’s chauvinist-friendly, shock jock-ular Morning Show has elicited a fair amount of controversy during its 22-year run. Just this past October, for instance, American Indians protested outside the studio after host Tom Barnard co-host Terri Traen cracked wise about suicide rates in the Bemidji and Red Lake Indian Reservations. (Hilarious!)

Some listeners now worry that the show has lost its bigoted, er, “P.C.-eschewing,” edge. And by "some listeners," we mean "a dude who called us last week."

“They’re not being as offensive,” complains avid listener Jeff Mahony, 52, of St. Paul. “It seems they’ve doing a lot more game shows. They used to do a lot more stories on the difficulties of cultural changes occurring in the Twin Cities.”

Station higher-ups assure City Pages that the Morning Crew remains as religiously, ethnically, and culturally insensitive as ever.

“There’s nothing to this,” says Marc Kalman, the president and general manager of the Minneapolis-based station. “We have not sat down with anyone or discussed changing the show’s content or tone. The ratings are as strong as they’ve ever been. Are we sorry that we’re controversial at anytime? No, we’re not.”

Resentful, xenophobic crackers see a larger issue at stake.

“It seems like there’s certain groups out there that you can’t offend without creating an outcry,” says Mahony.


“No, not necessarily Christians. I’m talking about other groups.”

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