Kottonmouth Kings tonight at the Main Room


Is there nothing that a clever misspelling can't remedy? Kottonmouth Kings are in a passionate embrace with Insane Clown Posse as one of the most commercially successful bands that no one you know likes.

In a recent post, we meekly defended ICP and their ilk by mentioning that maybe, just maybe, their ideology is closer to the heart of true counterculture than snobby hipsters would ever care to acknowledge. You know-- championing true ugliness, rather than the state sanctioned ugliness that comes with punk, techno, and all that stuff that the pretty people dig.

"Where's the Weed At?" Well, a lot of it is in this Kottonmouth Kings video.

Kottonmouth Kings are right up there, and their presence in the musical landscape is like the Camaro on cinder blocks that sits without apology in the overgrown weeds of that house on the corner-- it's unsightly, but goddammit, it's a part of you life whether you like it or not.

Their rampant endorsement of marijuana, their cross pollenation with the endlessly lucrative Psychopath Records, and indefatigable touring regimens have cornered their market of disenfranchised suburban youth, and for anyone who has never attended (we're guessing a lot of Gimme Noise readers haven't), you might have at least been stuck in traffic when the show lets out-- these are hardcores. Lifers. And say what you may, Kottonmouth King fans live their fandom harder than 90% of the people who have Singles Going Steady on vinyl.

If nothing else, Kottonmouth Kings is a soaring endorsement for just what marijuana can do for, or perhaps to, the human brain, and compelling examples could be made out of the band by Edina potheads and Minneapolis beat cops for their respective positions on the proliferation of weed. If you're looking for a contact high or a buzzkill, this show has you covered.

All ages. 5:00 P.M. $25.00. With Swollen Members, Big B, Dirtball, and Short Dawg tha Native. First Avenue Main Room, 701 First Avenue North, Minneapolis; 612.338.8388.