Kool Keith at the Whole on April 16

Kool Keith at the Whole on April 16

The many faces of Kool Keith.

Early entrant for most surprising show of the Spring? Kool Keith, the founder of Ultramagnetic MCs and hip hop's ludicrously aliased savant, will be coming through the University of Minnesota's all-ages venue in just a couple weeks to pit his two most famous alter-egos in a battle to the death with one another.

But Mr. Keith's reputation may precede him just a touch-- a long history of lackadaisical performances and last minute back outs have a few ticket goers in Gimme Noise's immediate seating area shaking in their laceless Adidas super-hitops.

But Gimme Noise is fairly confident that all will go as planned. As the old saying goes, "the best laid plans of mice and men...."

We forget the rest, but we're pretty sure it means that things almost never go wrong. And in the event that Keith does play his little heart out, can we expect any of his pornocore material to be doled out to the 18+ audience? One wonders.

Be ye the requisite 18 years of age or twice that, this will be an uncommonly intimate way to see one of hip hop's real visionaries, who wrested the form from the party rappers and politicos and forged a path of wild abstraction, all the while facilitating much shaking of booties.

Local rapper Omaur Bliss will open, and here's hoping Mr. Bliss has prepared an extra 45 minutes of material, just in case His Koolness comes down with a sudden case of the not-here-sies.

18+. 8:00 P.M. $10.00 students/ $15.00 non-students. Coffman Memorial Union, The Whole, 300 Washington Avenue S.E., Minneapolis.

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