KMFDM tonight in the First Avenue Main Room

KMFDM tonight in the First Avenue Main Room

When Trent Reznor was getting dumped at his junior prom and cultivating that pitch black soul that would end up making him a musical millionaire, KMFDM were using Armor All on their leather pants and filling clubs throughout Europe.

So when exactly did KMFDM become the butt of every industrial music joke of the last two decades?

There's a lot working against KMFDM, unfortunately. First, the genre KMFDM helped form has fallen into a particularly obscure nadir in the 21st century. For reasons that only the future historians will be able to answer, the image of a glowering, bleached blond guy in white greasepaint and bondage rings banging on a synthesizer isn't the captivating force it was a couple decades ago, when Skinny Puppy was still relevant.

Also, KMFDM embodies the most derided elements of their genre. The leather. The self-seriousness. The air of doom and gloom. And, God help them, they're German.

None of that is their fault, of course. The Maltese Falcon can't be blamed for the creation of a genre rife with shameless knock-offery. But KMFDM is a band, unfortunately, that is preceded by the reputations of their followers. And in 2009, those reputations are hanging out with Dany Bonaduce at the Hard Rock Cafe.

If you've read this far, it's because you're a KMFDM fan cruising on your way to the comments section, where you'll undoubtedly leave a real reamer for us. So hear this--KMFDM, at the height of their powers, was one of the most intensely listenable industrial bands, and the fact that they have remained vigilant and industrious, releasing an EP every year since their formation in 1984, has our hats rightfully tipped.

18+. 7:00 P.M. $20.00. With Angelspit. First Avenue Main Room, 701 First Avenue North, Minneapolis; 612.338.8308.

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