Klever & friends confirmed for June 2 Scion show (free mp3)

We just got super-secret word that Atlanta phenom DJ Klever is coming back to Minneapolis for a Scion show at the 7th Street Entry on June 2nd. If you don't know Klever, you should make moves to do so immediately, as his track selection and stage personality easily makes him one of the top 10 DJs in the world. In fact, Klev has won the DMC battle DJ championship title twice in the early '00s.

Klever was last in the Twin Cities on New Year's Eve at the Loft with Hercules & Love Affair, easily saving the night with his unmerciful smackdown of chopped up 80s hip-hop and dance remixes, original productions, and most of all -- DMC-award-winning cutting and scratching. And because Klever is more of a hip-hop dude than a techno guy, we loved him even more when he showed up to a techno afterparty on NYE and promoted debauchery in only the way a mega-tattooed wild child from Atlanta can, staying until long after most of the night's many walks o' shame were completed. 

So, that brings us to this: In the best news we've heard all week, Klever is poised to play one of those Scion monthlies at The 7th Street Entry on June 2nd with Kill The Noise, DJ Haul and Rob Wonder.  There's a possibility another show late this summer will feature Klever solo, but we're mum on that one for now. 

Meantime - enjoy these tracks on his Myspace, and complimentary mix (which is very vintage and a departure from his usual wacky stylings).