Kitty Cat Klub fire? Dispelling the rumors

Kitty Cat Klub fire? Dispelling the rumors
Photo by Playatta

"My DJ set is on fiiiiire!" local DJ and videographer 00000001 a.k.a. Nico Demonte wrote on his Facebook wall around 11 p.m. last night.  "Fire at the Kitty Cat Klub!" 
While it's true the Fire Department was called during the popular Menergy dance night on Saturday, The Dinkytown mainstay for artsy U of M students and music scene frequenters is very much still standing.

The Menergy crew posted on their Facebook wall after the incident, saying, "Menergy was so hot tonight, the firefighters were called. No joke, they were rolling 2 trucks deep!!"

The culprit? A burning speaker.

Kitty Cat Klub fire? Dispelling the rumors
Photo by Playatta

"The smell in the room was unbearable and the club immediately filled with smoke," Demonte said. "We proceeded to go out on the balcony to get fresh air [while] firefighters climbed to the ceiling and cut the cables loose to the speaker. Two firefighters proceeded to carry the speaker out of the venue."

We phoned the Kitty Cat Klub today and spoke to general manager Tom Rimarcik, who dispelled any rumors of the club burning to the ground (chatter that floated around Facebook this afternoon).

"Literally the only sign that we had an issue last night is that we're missing a speaker," he said. "It overheated and I called the fire department because there were flames in the cabinet and I wanted to be sure everything was cool."

Rimarcik joked that "The DJs were very excited about this for some reason" and spoke the truth when he said, "Around here, when you call the fire department, it's not one truck that comes, it's eight of them."

The speaker will surely be missed but business continues on as usual.

Follow the Kitty Cat Klub on Twitter.

Kitty Cat Klub fire? Dispelling the rumors
Photo by Playatta

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