Kitten Forever, Unicorn Basement kick off tour tonight at Hexagon


Unicorn Basement, photographed by smallwhitemusic.

Oh, Unicorn Basement. Has any band in town forged closer or more unlikely kinships than the electronic and patently unclassifiable two piece?

Surely, it's not as if there's another band that sounds anything like Unicorn Basement. But a glance at any bill they grace, or a listen to any of the bands in their Myspace top friends, and you'll find a collection of sounds each more alien to their own than the last.

Kitten Forever, courtesy of their Myspace page.

It's what gives Unicorn Basement much of their appeal, and what, in a cosmic way, informs their sound. A close listen quickly dissolves any genre you might be immediately compelled to assign. They're electronic, sure-- but of what stripe? What vinyl crate are these bleeps and bloops, these off-time thumps, curated from? From what celestial nebula did these strange creature emerge? It's impossible to say.

But come to the Hexagon tonight, and watch Kitten Forever with your ears wide open. It's not just the fact that they've toured together, are close friends, and are on the same bill that awakens your sub-conscious to their similarities. These are bands united by an aesthetic, a spirit, an approach to sound, despite their immediate sonic differences.


If you've spent any time bouncing around basements or venues in this town, you've seen Kitten Forever. They are an omnipresent force. A surfy dislocation of riot grrrl themes, a snide dance-party, a fist fight of low-fi punk and 60s era garage rock, Kitten Forever is the most economical use of three parts. Their sound is a bare bone, and good luck breaking it down-- it began as an element, and you can't get any more fundamental than that.

21+. 9:00 P.M. With Teenage Moods and Les Deux Magots. Heaxgon Bar, 2600 27th Avenue, Minneapolis.