Kiss open up to fans online

Kiss open up to fans online

Every '70s rocker's "first favorite band" Kiss is known for being outlandish, over the top, dirty old man-like and typically first of a kind for many things. Kiss coffeeshops, blood in their comic book ink, or doing an online press conference for their fans, as they did Tuesday in full make-up backstage before rocking Koenig Pilsner Arena in Oberhausen, Germany.

Questions hit the screen like pizza orders on a Friday night as folks who zapped to the band's facebook page for about 45 minutes of Q&A could type in whatever they had always wanted to know (and not to know) about the band.

"How do you guys feel about the death of Dio?"
"Don't you miss Peter and Ace?"
"Is Paul gay?"
"Please come to Japan."
"Will you ever remove the make-up!?
"When are coming back to Bratislava?"
"What do you think of President Obama?"

"Socially yes. Foreign Policy and Economically, no." said the Demon in between licking drummer Eric Singer and even busting out a little Hebrew when the sound and stream got a little shaky.

Promising a bigger show, different set lists and acknowledging the hard times, Kiss are offering free lawn seats for fans 14 and under and have even convinced Ticketmaster to drop all fees during the month of June to their fans.

"Gene, you are so sexy!"
"What the hell was going through your mind when you wrote 'The Elder"?"
"What advice do you have for a girl drummer?"
"Gene and Paul, what's your favorite Beatles song?"
"Do you really drink Dr. Pepper?"
"Paul, Do you like cheese?"

Juggling the questions as they came in the best they could (without their readers on), I even managed get an answer amongst the deluge.

"Will there ever be a 'Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park' Broadway musical?"

"I Hope Not" said the Starchild.

Kiss play the MN State Fair Grandstand September 4.

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