Kirk Hammett kicks child video


But was it an accident?

[jump] Yes, most definitely. But also painful.

The video, uploaded by a member of the Australian audience to Live Leak, shows Hammett doing his thing: kicking big black balloons that look like something out of a Banks Violette installation, stalking around a giant stage, and kinda rocking it out. Unfortunately, hidden behind one of those balloons was a kid's head.


Obviously an honest mistake. Know what wasn't an honest mistake? The singer of The Aquabats throwing a small child into the audience. Kids should stay the hell away from shows...if you can't trust The Aquabats to not throw children at people, then who?

Updated: Commenter Trim "Sandwich" Buckerson pointed out that The Aquabats have been doing this for some time. Here's a video from 2006 (they're having so much fun it's ridiculous):