King Khan, BBQ Show speak after Kentucky arrest


It's a by the books statement to be sure, but it settles some of the swirling confusion that obscured the truth of King Khan and BBQ Show's tour van raid in Kentucky which left their tour manager Kristin Klein behind bars for piloting a vehicle containing contraband.

Right off the bat, the comforting news is that their Minneapolis tour date, set for November 29 at the Triple Rock, is on. Sigh in relief now--the best touring rock show in the nation, who has a fanatical following in the Twin Cities, won't be postponed.

From the band's official release:

On November 16, 2009 Kristin Klein entered a guilty plea to 2nd degree possession of a controlled substance in Christian County, Kentucky. Ms Klein was driving a rental vehicle that was randomly stopped at a safety checkpoint. Officers located a controlled substance in the cab of the vehicle. Ms Klein was unaware of the contraband and the validity of her license was indeterminable at time of arrest. Under KY law a driver of a vehicle is responsible for its contents. Therefore, Ms Klein entered a guilty plea and is scheduled to appear on April 2, 2010 to provide proof of her valid license.

All in all, the legal tangle only cost them two dates, and they are currently on a cannonball run across the American west to make tonight's Los Angeles date.

The remainder of their North American tour is intact. A good thing, too--King Khan and BBQ Show are bringing Tennessee country punk ladies Those Darlins, a band already seeming to set new high scores for onstage antics.

The moral of the story is this: hide your drugs when you're passing through Kentucky. And, in the meantime, get out your shinpads and padded helmet. The Triple Rock Show is gonna leave a mark.