Kimya Dawson and Aesop Rock sign to Rhymesayers as the Uncluded

Kimya Dawson and Aesop Rock sign to Rhymesayers as the Uncluded
Photo by Chrissy Piper

The Moldy Peaches' one-of-a-kind female voice Kimya Dawson, who has released albums titled Alphabutt and Thunder Thighs, is now on the same roster as Atmosphere and Brother Ali. Today, our local hip-hop juggernaut label Rhymesayers announced it is branching out into a strange pocket of indie rock with the assistance of indie-rap stalwart Aesop Rock, who put out the excellent Skelethon last year on the label. Both West Coast residents, Rock and Dawson have collaborated together numerous times in recent years -- on a holiday compilation and on each others' albums --  and now the partnership is official as the Uncluded.

An album titled Hokey Fright, which had been in the works for while, arrives on May 7. Based upon its first single, "Earthquake," this combines all of the naughty child-like wonder of Dawson's work with Aesop Rock's unmistakable flow. There's not another pairing of musicians that could create something that sounded anything like this.

Here's the video for "Earthquake," which brings the Uncluded into a toy-filled playroom equipped with a swing and a skateboard -- for constant bouncing in-and-out of the frame, of course. An oft-serious Rock looks absolutely gleeful.

Here's a few of their other collaborations so far:

The Uncluded - "Bats"

Kimya Dawson feat. Aesop Rock - "Captain Lou"

Aesop Rock feat. Kimya Dawson - "Crow 1"

In all cases, you get two divergent styles and stylists coming together in a way recalling the experimental bravery of Mellow Gold-era Beck. It's not always pretty, but it isn't aiming to be either. Dating back to her earliest Moldy Peaches recordings with Adam Green, Kimya Dawson has always grown her artistry by being fearless and often strident in her choices, but her fan base has stuck along for the ride. Soundset 2013 could be our local introduction to the pairing!

Joining Psalm One, Dawson just the second female listed on Rhymesayers' list of artists. Let's hope there are even more to come.

Here's the cover for Hokey Fright, featuring Yo La Tengo's James McNew on drums for the track "Delicate Cycle." It's up for pre-order here:

Kimya Dawson and Aesop Rock sign to Rhymesayers as the Uncluded

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