Kim Kardashian dances so badly Prince boots her off stage


Last night, at yet another of Prince's headlining gigs at Madison Square Garden, the Purple One spotted Kim Kardashian in the audience and pulled her up on stage to dance.

"How about this," Prince said, pointing at Kardashian (yes, he called her "this"). "She might be too sexy!" he said, egging her on as she climbed up the stairs to join him.

[jump] But rather than dancing around onstage or interacting with Prince or appearing to enjoy herself in any way, Kardashian froze, raised her hands to her face, and hung her head like an awkward preteen being regaled with a round of "Happy Birthday" against her will in front of the hottest boy at school. Homygawd, guys, stop it! This is so embarrassing I could just diiieeee!

After a bit of half-hearted clapping, Prince shook his head and pointed toward the stairs: "Get off the stage."

That's one hell of a dismissal. Apparently, Ms. Kardashian later "redeemed" herself by actually, like, dancing onstage during another part of the show, but it's this video that's making the rounds today:

UPDATE: As with every other Prince-related YouTube video floating around on the web, this clip has been pulled by his label, NPG. Dang.