Kill to Kill: Band to watch

Kill to Kill: Band to watch
Photo by Cody York

The scoop: New Guilt Ridden Pop signees Kill to Kill are a study in dissonance. Lead singer Sylvia Izabella's strained-yet-sultry voice is folded into layers of discordant bass riffs, creating a moody, dark, and minimalist sound. This rock trio employs a baritone guitar and a bass rather than a traditional electric guitar, bringing everything down an octave lower than expected and contrasting sharply with Izabella's high-register caterwauling.

Recommended if you like: Early Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Baby Guts, Strut and Shock.

Upcoming shows: Kill to Kill will be releasing their first EP, Fighter, next Thursday, October 22, at the Hexagon Bar with Gospel Gossip and Red Pens.


NORTHERN OUTPOST - Episode 2 - Kill to Kill - 1/16/09 from Northern Outpost on Vimeo.

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