Kill the Vultures CD release show tonight at Triple Rock


Kill the Vultures, courtesy of their Myspace page.

There's always been something ominous about Kill the Vultures, the luminary Twin Cities hip-hop act that releases their new disc tonight at the Triple Rock. It's not that their beats and rhymes don't hit hard (they do) or that their approach is something genteel (it isn't). More that they are the stealth kill of the hip-hop world. Their footsteps are silent and you don't even feel the knife until it's been dragged halfway across your throat.

KtV has made an inviolate niche for themselves with incisive lyrics and beat production habits that defy all convention, though not so flagrantly that there's no breadcrumb trail for the novice listeners to follow. It's been said that great art should be out of reach, but just barely, and that's a gold standard that KtV has always strived for with great success.

It's been a while since a new KtV disc has graced our community, and its release celebration tonight is perfectly fitting, featuring Mike Mictlan of Doomtree fame, who's recent solo disc was a stand out release of the last calendar year. Mike the 2600 King will kick things off-- a perfect way to begin a Friday night, and to herald your journey towards 1 A.M. and a surefire stellar set by kill the Vultures.

18+. 9:00 P.M. $8.00. Triple Rock Social Club, 629 Cedar Avenue, Minneapolis; 612.333.7399.