Kid Dakota and Markéta Irglová top October 11 releases

Kid Dakota and Markéta Irglová top October 11 releases

Approximately 10 years after the release of his debut EP So Pretty, Kid Dakota's fourth album Listen To The Crows as They Take Flight is out today on Graveface Records. With a decade worth of vocal heavy songwriting under his belt, Dakota has worked at honing his explosive melodic tenor into a musical signature, and with Crows we hear that voice shift reflexively in upon itself. Listen To The Crows is a contemplative record, it's an album concerned with the self, bouncing back and forth between seemingly adolescent feelings of angst, depression, and desire, and inherent frustration at being an adult and still feeling those same things.  

From the first line off opener track "Dawn Did Us Apart" ("I moved back in with my parents, what else could I do?") to the panicked chorus on "Extra Ordinary," about hoping the therapy works, the speakers on Crows seem as ready to quietly throw in the towel as they are ready to get drunk and overshare. Filled with subtle instrumental flourishes and strong guitar work, Kid Dakota shows he's still in top form when it comes to pop sensibility, Listen To The Crows as They Take Flight gets in your head, and more than that, it does so with songwriting most can relate to more than they're willing to admit. Check out the live stream here.

Academy award-winning and infuriatingly young songstress Markéta Irglová of the Swell Season and the film Once, has released her first solo album, Anar on Anti-. Irglová doesn't completely stray from the stride she hit with Glen Hansard in the Swell Season, she's still writing haunting folk music with winnowing layered harmonies and big orchestral backing. Anar instead, seems to cement down some of what may carry through as Irglová's sound, while also displaying a young and changing artist ready for the race.  Markéta Irglová on her own seems to have broken free from the sonic confines of the Swell Season to prove that there is more to her, and more to come. This subsequently transforms Anar into a debut that acts as an exciting first bound out of the gate. Listen here. 

Other Notable Releases for this Week: 

Ryan Adams- Ashes and Fire (Capitol)
Cymbals Eat Guitars- Lenses Alien (Barsuk Records)
Crooked Fingers- Breaks In The Armor (Merge Records)

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