Kid Cudi rocks vintage Prince tee on Conan


Kid Cudi has been making the late night talk show rounds lately in promotion of his record, Man On The Moon II: The Legend Of Mr. Rager, but the performance that caught our eye was his stop on Conan's show Monday night, where he proudly wore a vintage purple Prince t-shirt while he performed new single "REVOFEV."

[jump] With lyrics like "Where'll you be for the Revolution?" we couldn't help but wonder if he chose to wear the former Revolution bandleader's threads as a subtle tie-in. Or maybe we're just overthinking things a bit. We're nerdy like that.

Random side note: After a quick search on the interwebs, Cudi's particular vintage tee is currently selling for $147.90 on eBay and $175 on Etsy. Damn!

Watch Cudi's performance here:

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