Kevin Garnett is enjoying the new Beyoncé/Jay-Z album [VIDEO]

Kevin Garnett's album reviews are the only album reviews.

Kevin Garnett's album reviews are the only album reviews. Instagram

And who isn't?

Go ahead, if you want, and read the takes from Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, the A.V. Club, Vanity Fair, the Atlantic, CNN. (CNN! Hova's sake!) 

We are inclined to trust a man who was good at what he did and, according to this video, seems to be a big fan of the Carters' new work. The first song Kevin Garnett's listening to in this clip is called "Boss," the third track off the Everything is Love album, and the second song is "Nice," the fourth. 

He likes them both.


��#BOSS #Moringvibeszz #...GOODVIBESONLY

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What's Garnett smoking? Is he... is he driving? Does Mr. Garnett have Tidal? (Whose side does he take on the whole Prince thing?) Or in the case of someone like him, does he just get an email in his inbox from [email protected] with subject line "new music," and the whole album's there?

If one of your friends or a Hall of Fame basketball player says "Good vibes only!" in their selfie video, is it OK if you still feel sad?

We cannot answer these questions. Only you and your inner KG can. 

Kevin, if in the future you would like your album reviews to appear in City Pages, please email them to [email protected], and we'd be happy to give them a look. Could be a fun way for you to earn a little on the side in retirement.